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Welcome to Breath Intelligence

Breathwork is a profoundly effective breathing technique and therapeutic process that helps to activate the body’s natural healing, promotes self-exploration and self-awareness and offers a path to conscious personal transformation. It provides a meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledge, inner wisdom and health that encourages greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and wellness in life.


Who would have thought that a simple breathing technique could help you effectively deal with the accumulation of grief and trauma throughout the life span… such is the gift of Breathwork.

While the individual sessions are tailored to your needs and on your terms, importantly you are not having to re visit those experiences time and again. Tracy’s gentle, intuitive and non invasive style helps facilitate the healing that emanates from discovering new behaviours and new ways of thinking.

In a similar way, the interactive “In the Pink” group space has opened my mind to new insights and perspectives of others. In this supportive and safe environment, confidentiality enables a deeper level of sharing. So fairly quickly, I was able to identify a positive impact on all levels of my well being :- physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and social, and thus feeling more open and lighter as a welcomed outcome.

As the process unfolds I am aware of the subtle changes taking place within such as; seeing with clarity, limiting thoughts and behaviours, recognising what might look like an ego driven thought/action as opposed to coming from the heart, developing a trusting intuition where there is better decision making with increased confidence and finally recognising bodily cues that manifest in pain or discomfort, and rather than ignore these important responses, honing the skills to understand and act on them.

As a journey into deepened self awareness or a salve for healing at the cellular level, the wondrous path into Breathwork with Tracy’s unique approach, is well worth taking.

Carolyn T.



Move beyond personal limitations through Breathwork. Uncover the behaviours and thoughts that limit you, keeping you unhappy, lonely and unhealthy in body and mind. Learn how to identify and release these thoughts and self sabotaging behaviours. Whether approaching from the breath, the body, the mind or your energy systems, you will learn ways to unravel tensions and unhealthy habits, reveal and release stale thought patterns and beliefs and cultivate healthy safe ways of connecting with your emotions for a richer more connected life - including more fulfilling relationships with yourself and with others. Experience transformation as you change your thinking and bring positive change to your life. You have a choice to improve your life conditions. Say ‘yes’ to yourself today and let go of your limitations while at the same time retaining what supports you….. see more

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