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Welcome to - IN THE PINK! 

We all love a little bit of pink and I wanted to personally invite you to join me in a group scenario for a wonderful immersion into self awareness through the breath. When you join our group work, we learn, we breathe, grow, expand and enjoy the energy of like minded souls coming together to learn and discover more about the truly amazing healing modality of Breathwork.


What is ‘In the Pink’?

.….in the pink……


Definition – an informal expression meaning the peak of health or an optimal state. It is often used to convey the idea that someone or something is in the best of health or condition. In the pink is a phrase that often indicates a positive outlook or signifies a sense that there is a good reason to be optimistic. Although unconfirmed, many people speculate that pink was chosen as it is often used as a symbol of health as observed in the cheeks of a healthy person.

In the pink is an idiom that means a state of good health or positive growth. The earliest citations of ‘in the pink’ are from the 16th century – and at that time, the meaning was ‘the very pinnacle of something’. So why not feel ‘In the Pink’ and immerse into the energy of a group as we continue to expand and grow into our true self…

Each Breathwork session includes a theme for discussion. We will learn some wonderful and enlightening theory that broadens our awareness over the 8 sessions as we open up to the underpinning principles of Breathwork and how they align with our journey through life. Each session builds upon our own self awareness, assisting us in aligning to our true self, as we let go of any unhealthy patterns that keep us limited.

Once we have covered the theme for the day, we will move onto the Breathwork mat where I will guide you through a conscious connected breathing cycle. The ‘Breathe’ is where the magic happens and allows us to invite in positive new thought forms into our awareness as we set our intention for positive change.

IN THE PINK Breathwork group immersion includes 8 x 4 hour sessions run over approximately 3 months.
Each Breathwork session is $120.00 and the total cost for this 8 session immersion is $960.00.
The venue is in my beautiful Breathwork Healing room at Coal Point NSW 2283.

I am so excited about moving into this new arena with you so we can enjoy the group breathing energy that it brings.

For more information about Breathwork … see more

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Kind Words

The interactive “In the Pink” group space has opened my mind to new insights and perspectives of others. In this supportive and safe environment, confidentiality enables a deeper level of sharing. So fairly quickly, I was able to identify a positive impact on all levels of my well being :- physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and social, and thus feeling more open and lighter as a welcomed outcome.

As the process unfolds I am aware of the subtle changes taking place within such as; seeing with clarity, limiting thoughts and behaviours, recognising what might look like an ego driven thought/action as opposed to coming from the heart, developing a trusting intuition where there is better decision making with increased confidence and finally recognising bodily cues that manifest in pain or discomfort, and rather than ignore these important responses, honing the skills to understand and act on them.

As a journey into deepened self awareness or a salve for healing at the cellular level, the wondrous path into Breathwork with Tracy’s unique approach, is well worth taking.

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