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Revealing Our True Self

When we take a look back throughout our childhood, our thoughts and feelings were more than likely expressions of our true self. Though we may have learned quickly that to speak and act in a certain fashion would win others' approval, or not, we understood innately that we were no ‘ordinary’ human being. How great would it be to recapture the authenticity we once articulated so freely? I’ve learnt through my practice of meditation that it can liberate us from the bonds of those earthly customs that compel us to downplay our uniqueness. I also find spending quality time in nature can remind us of the special role we were meant to play in this lifetime. In order to realise our purpose, we need to embrace our true self by letting our light shine forth, no matter the consequences.

Our true selves exist whether we acknowledge them or not, often buried under learned behaviour. We get lost between identity, processes and outcomes. Identity is an elusive concept and it is a layer of change we most need to consider and look into. We feel we must define ourselves using a relatively small selection of roles and conscious character traits, even if none accurately represents our notion of "self." This causes confusion surrounding our true nature and is further compounded by the fact that society regularly asks us to suppress so much of our emotional, intellectual and spiritual vibrancy. Yet as we learn through our Yoga practice, we are, in truth, beings of light. We are pure energy inhabiting physical bodies, striving for enlightenment while living earthly lives. When we recognise our power, our luminosity and our divinity, we can live authentic lives of appreciation, potential, fulfilment and grace.

Rediscovering who we are, apart from our roles and traits, takes time and also courage. If, like many, we have denied our authenticity for a long while, we may find it difficult to separate our true identity from the identity we have created to cope with the world around us. Once we rediscover this authentic self within, we will experience a wonderful sense of wholeness as we reconcile our spiritual aspect and our physical aspect, as well as our inner- and outer-world personas. As we gradually adjust to this developing unity, our role as a being of light will reveal itself to us and we will discover that we have a marvelous destiny to fulfil.

In my studies of Breathwork we have been aligning with changing the deepest layers of making positive change to our identity. Being open to changing old beliefs that may no longer serve us, our worldview, our self image and our judgements about ourselves and others. When we focus on uncovering what is in the way of rediscovering our true self we can start focusing on who we wish to become.

As part of the Breathwork modality it brings to light our limitations and we learn to be a full self first and then we can make our best daily decisions from there. This leads to being fully able to control our decisions from our own internal world and let go of being controlled externally. How wonderful to be in the world, not of the world …

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